For the Love of Summer!

Oh how I love thee summer!  Sunshine, beautiful beach, bike riding, long days….that is all lovely.  The most lovely of all……NO SOCKS!!!! No sock piles, no sock baskets, no “I NEED SOCKS MOM!!”, no sock matching!  Sandals…flip flops….oh how I adore you!



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2 responses to “For the Love of Summer!

  1. Wow, does that bring back some memories! Socks were my nemesis! Sock matching never comes out even. There are always socks left all alone with no chance of making a sock marriage. I firmly believe there is a special sock heaven where those long lost socks have gone. Gone but not forgotten – the truely happy socks!

  2. Isabella, I don’t know about sock heaven….I think the “rebels” that didn’t come out in the dryer may end up elsewhere!! lol!

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