gonna do it….gonna do it….!!

Nope, haven’t been here posting my food yet.  I did get half a day into Spark People, which is where I need to get it first so I can keep track of everything.  I’m away for a two day training conference for my job, in a hotel by myself.  That means I am going to have some much needed re-focusing and re-centering time. Time to make a plan, write it down, and make it workable so I can stick to it.  That’s what I’ll be doing for the next two days while I’m not in the training.  You’ll hear from me again soon!



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7 responses to “gonna do it….gonna do it….!!

  1. Don’t know how attached you are to SparkPeople, but I just started using Daily Burn and I find it to be easier and more fun to use, more flexible, etc. And if you have an iphone, the app is nice and there is a food scanner you can use to scan the barcodes on packaged foods and it puts in the nutrition info for you!

  2. Hi Kelly,

    Just letting you know I am checking in with your blog since you check in with mine.

    Do you have healthy recipes on Shea Cafe. Do you know of a place to find healthy recipes? Not just all organic natural stuff, but just plain healthy, low fat, low calorie type foods? I really want to learn to cook healthy, but don’t know where to start. I was looking at cooking light or whatever it is called and it just kept linking me to normal recipes, not any healthier then what I already cook and I know I don’t cook healthy.

    • Hi Anna,

      What kind of “healthy” are you looking for? Low fat? Low carb? Low calorie? Let me know. I usually will make anything that has a lot of veggie base to it, or with it, with lean meats. I rarely do casseroles with pasta and cheeses, that’s where all the fat and calories are. Yes, I do have healthy stuff on Shea’s Cafe….I’ll have to think about where the sites are and get back to you for more. Cooking Light usually has tons of healthy recipes, at least the magazine, but like I said, what kind of “healthy”? Think of your favorite meals, and then it’s easy to look for a “light” version of those. I’ll help you find them!

  3. Kelly, you posting your food yet or WHAT? 🙂

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