the Socks

I love socks! Soft, fun, funky socks just make me smile when I’m wearing them.  I love the other 12 feet in my house that fill the socks that are running around!  Yup, 1 lovely hunk of husband and 5 amazing kids.  3 older boys, 2 younger girls.  This blog is about the people who fill the socks in my house and the things that make up our life.

The socks filled by my HUNK  are busy socks indeed…Minister, Head Cook for 4 schools, Super Dad and my own personal Knight in Shining Armor for the past 14 years.  The littlest pair of socks is a 5 year old princess who is sure she rules the world and wouldn’t hesitate to tell you so.  The next size up are pink and frilly and everything girly in the most major way, belonging to my 8 year old third grader artist/singer/dancer/doctor quiet sneaky one.  The middle socks are 11 years old. Wait, the one who wears them, not the socks themselves!  Though at times I do wonder.  6th grade, comedian, drama king (for real-he’s in the drama club) baseball, soccer, football player, all around lovable, wonderful kind of guy.  The big guy with the big socks is 13. Big guy?  Yeah.  13 years old, 7th grade, and 5’8″ tall…same height as his dad and towering over me!  Music, music, music, friends, skateboarding, video games, plays the bass and trumpet…yup, that’s him.  And the last, well, the first, but the last on the list….socks that are ready to launch out in life on a great adventure. Belonging to my 18 year old son. Second year in college, he’s got the brains of a genius, with a heart as soft as a Krispy Kreme doughnut, and my own personal Best Buy “Geek Squad” guy…my 6’3″ gentle giant.  Nicest young man you could ever know, straight A student, drummer, trumpet and tuba player, video game and computer geek and proud of it, refuses to settle in life. Someday, I wouldn’t be surprise if he actually DID rule the world.  Where do you think his little sister gets it from?!

Me?  Well, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, wife and mom are my #1 roles at the moment.  Came from a family of 10 that was as crazy as it was love and fun filled…”My Big Fat Greek Wedding”?  pretty close.  Still not sure what I want to be when I grow up.  I’ll figure it out eventually. I’ve done plenty of things in my life…gone to college, gone to Bible School, been a minister, worked a zillion different jobs, and am currently a Breast Feeding Peer Counselor with the WIC program, and a cashier in the cafeteria at the Elementary School near my house.   I love my family, love people, love the small town on the big lake where I live and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.  I had weight loss surgery December 2009, and am loving an active healthy life because of it.

It’s all part of the Journey I’m on.  In my Happy Socks.  Join me?


6 responses to “the Socks

  1. NANCY

    I loved your blog it seems more down to earth and just like you, socks who would have ever thought to use and analogy for your family life?
    love u,

    • Thanks Nancy! Yeah, socks…with 7 people in a family, it seems I am constantly surrounded by socks! Or needing to wash them, or find then, or pair them, or buy them, or throw them away….I’m sure you get the picture: they are as constant in my life as GOD! lol!
      Love you too sis….

  2. What happy socks indeed…great blog, keep up the good work! Beautiful family and I love your pic. :0)

    • Thanks sumthing2hope4! Stop by anytime! I sure love that picture too…it’s a recent one. The photographer is a friend of mine who was sure to get all of the “stressed out” silly shots in between the poses. Of course, they are my favorites!

  3. Billy the Goat….aka….my 12 year old Gabe…. 😛

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