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WLS 5 1/2 month update

Sitting here sipping a bit of peanut butter love shake, and thought it would be a great time to do an update on my WLS journey.  Most people make it a point to update every month, or week, but I guess I’m just too random for that (yes, that’s what we will call it), a 5 1/2 month update it is!

It feels like it’s been a slow month in terms of the numbers, but I won’t complain.  -68 pounds so far!  I’ve gone from a size 30 (as in plus size….the one ABOVE 28! EEK!!)  to a size 16 so far.  That feels great, but I’m no where near satisfied.  And I won’t be satisfied anywhere but my goal….a healthy body with no excess fat.  As far as the numbers go, I’m a little more than half way there.

I’ve had to tweak my workout routine quite a bit to let my body catch up with my brain.  I was working out at the gym 5-6 days a week, doing cardio all days, and the weight circuit every other day.  Well, my shoulder started whining first, by popping in and out randomly throughout the day, until I could no longer do the machines that required any work from my shoulder at all.  My family doctor said I have lost so much fat around my large joints that I need to give the muscle time to rebuild around them to stabilize them.  More patience.

Then I started having pain in my stomach from abdominal hernias, which I knew at least one or two were there from being pregnant with 5 ginormous babies throughout the years, but my superwoman routine at the gym apparently has caused quite the temper tantrums from them.  Once I knew my insides were healed up nicely, I began going to town on the ab machines at the gym, thus the screaming hernias.  While I don’t like pain, and specifically the surgery that is required to stitch up those unruly stomach muscles to repair the hernias, there is a silver lining behind that cloud…so they say.  If I can hold off until I finish losing my weight, they will do a tummy tuck while they repair the hernias.  So, no more ab machines either.

I have an appointment coming up with my surgeon in a couple of weeks, and will discuss this with him more then.  I’m really hoping they tell me they have some magic duct tape or something I can wear that will keep my insides together so that I can go back to the ab machines.  I know I sound like a whiny little brat, but I don’t WANT to slow down my workouts!  I’m LOVING working out!  And the weight circuit is my favorite part of the whole gym!

I have been ingesting Oxygen fitness magazine for women, and I’ll tell you, I’ve been inspired.  More than inspired, I have a goal.  Oxygen features women who are body builders of many different levels.  While I don’t want to look like Arnold or anything, I have decided that I want some serious muscle definition.  I get so geeked about seeing muscles come to life in my body now!  It’s not unusual to find both me and my 12 year old son flexing in front of my  hubby saying “hey! Check out these muscles!” lol!  As long as I don’t join in on his chorus of  “hey Dad, check out these new hairs on my upper lip!” then it’s all good 🙂

So for now, working on lots of cardio. Switching up the machines as much as I can handle to build up my endurance and work different muscle groups while I keep burning the fat off.  My current favorite is the recumbent cross trainer, which is like a stair stepper with ski poles while sitting down.  Sounds like such a lazy machine, I know, but I sweat buckets on there compared to the treadmill, even when I’m on full incline, so I’ll take the bucket-sweating sit on my butt machine.

Eating has still been lovely for me, just on a much smaller scale, obviously.  I have no problem eating anything-meats, veggies, fruit, grains, even sugar.  I am a stickler for getting my protein in, make sure I’m having veggies everyday, still love carbs but don’t like feeling run down after I eat too much so I take it easy on them.  My drinks of choice are Vitamin Water Zero, and Chai tea, and I’m pretty good at keeping hydrated.  I still love M&M’s, I just love them in quantities of 4 little M&M’s at a time now!

I’m getting very impatient for summer. I discovered I LOVE riding my bike…but I HATE cold!  So, waiting, waiting, waiting.

OH! The most important, happiest accomplishment?  NO MORE BLOOD PRESSURE MEDS!!  BP is now a lovely 112 over 78!  That makes is worth it all:)  Nothing but my lovely vitamins for me.  Which I NEVER miss!  I want a healthy body, and part of this surgery is the need for supplements, why would I skip them?  That would just be foolishness.  I didn’t do this to have a “skinny” appearance.  I did this to have a healthy body.  So that’s how I’m living 🙂

The first picture is a picture from last fall…that makes me cry just to look at it.  The second was taken about 2 weeks ago, doing some goofy family pictures:)  that I LOVE because I can see some muscle definition in my lower arms! woot!   Never going back….Lord help me to never go back.



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