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Apparently I am Elastigirl!  Well, maybe not to the extreme of Mrs. Incredible, but hey, I am pretty incredible! lol!  Okay, I’ll be serious.  Don’t you see my serious face?  :/  So, here’s the scoop.  I started working out at the gym in February.  4-5 days a week, cardio every day, weight machines every other day.  It was awesome to see my strength and endurance increase in both cardio and strength training.  And I LOVE the stregth training!  I would simply endure the treadmill, bike, stepper, elliptical or whatever I was on, just to get to the weight machines.  Little by little though, lifting the weights seemed to be getting more and more difficult on my right shoulder.  I see a chiropractor and massage therapist regularly, so of course I had them trying to fix and figure out the problem for a good month before I decided to visit my doctor about it.  It felt like my shoulder was turned forward, and popping out of place often.  I would have my son put his hand on my shoulder blade and push while grabbing my shoulder and pulling to put it back where it needed to be, multiple times a day!

My doctor suggested I try lowering my weight and increasing the reps I was doing to see if that would help my shoulder settle down, and come back to see him in 6 weeks.  So, I did what he suggested, and even stopped using the weight machines completely for the past two weeks, since I was also dealing with abdominal hernias that were acting up with me going ape on the ab machines.  I know, I know….I just have to do everything 150%, right NOW.  *sigh*  I’m quite sure that PATIENCE is my word of the year!

Well, my shoulder is no longer in pain, but it still doesn’t feel like it’s in the right spot.  I had also been having a problem with my heal/ankle that my massage therapist solved for me.  She was pushing my foot up, quite a bit, and said most people would be coming off the table at the point she was at, and I wasn’t even feeling the stretch! She thought perhaps I had extremely flexible ligaments, and if I would stand on the stairs and drop my heal to stretch after I work out that it would alleviate my foot pain.  It worked! After telling my doctor that, he said he thinks its possible I have ligamentblahblahblah.  Yeah, can’t remember what he said. LOL! It means that my ligaments are like rubber bands instead of bungee chords.  The way to fix that?  Stay very toned. Um, that’s what I’m trying to do?!

So he sent me to physical therapy.  Thank you Jesus! She asked me to do a couple of things, and said yes, I have hypermobilitysomethingorother.  She gave me some stretches and exercises to do that FINALLY stretch all of the muscles and ligaments in my shoulder and surrounding area, and I am feeling so much better!  Since the PT center happens to be at the fitness center I work out at, she also took me out to the weight machines and showed me which machines I can work on right now, and which ones I cannot, and the way she wants me to use them.  It’s like having a personal trainer that my insurance covers! Bonus! She also gave me exercises to strengthen my back muscles to get my posture better,  and ones to strengthen my abs without bothering the hernias, which will all help my shoulder.  YAY!!

So, while I wasn’t feeling so incredible and was really bummed about having to cut back on so much of my workout, this Mrs. Incredible is back on task and hitting the machines!  Which of course, Mr. Incredible has kept up on all along, and I must say, he is looking mighty fine indeed!!  We sure are loving this new healthy life!



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