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VERY Proud Mama!

My son Graduated high school this past weekend! He didn’t just graduate though, he did it with a BANG if I do say so myself!  Salutatorian, High Honors, National Honor Society Member….yeah, I’m one proud Mama!

It is amazing though how so much pride and joy can be mixed with so much sadness and sorrow!  He got his drivers license on Friday (yes, we waited a LONG time), had his open house on Saturday, graduated on Sunday, and left Michigan where we live for Texas for the summer, where his other parents live, on Tuesday.

Now, he’s gone to Texas for the summer before, and of course it’s not always easy for me and I miss him, but this time was heart breaking for me!  Because this time, I’m not sending off my little boy who comes back to Mama at the end of summer and life goes back to normal.  This time, I’m sending off a grown man, who will be “visiting” us at the end of summer before we drive him down to Michigan State University to start college!  My baby is all grown up, and I haven’t cried a river of tears over the past week, I’m quite sure it’s been more like an ocean.  My husband and I both!

We are so excited to see all that he has accomplished, all that he will become, the amazing choices he’s made in life, the opportunities that wait just ahead for him, the favor of God that we know goes before him, we are so very proud!   But gosh darn it, he was just 4 years old yesterday!! I didn’t realize until this week how very quickly time marches on.  NOW my brain says….I wish I could have rocked him in my lap just a few more times, had him fall asleep on my shoulder just once more, looked him straight in the eye and given him every ounce of attention when he discovered a snail, or a toad or even a nasty bug, and captured that in my heart with just a little bit more effort.  Of course I did those things while he was growing up, but as a busy mom with 5 kids, I know the oldest doesn’t always get the most attention.

And for the past year especially, our hearts have grown so close. I’ve enjoyed every moment of watching my son become a man. I’ve also grown quite fond of his multiple bear hugs a day!  This is going to be a tough summer for sure!  Have I mentioned how much I love my son? 😉



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Senior pictures, Open House planning, Graduation, Honors dinner, scholarships, college paperwork, lots of pre-graduation ceremonies…..AHHHHHHHH!!  *sigh*  Okay.  That’s better.


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