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WLS Update

Well, I had my 6 month check up at the surgeons about 2 weeks ago, and I’ll be 7 months out on the 4th, so here’s an update in the middle of it!

This past few weeks I hit 3 really big “happy” moments for me.  1. I hit the 75 pound mark!  I’m actually at -77, but getting to that 75 was pretty exciting!  2. Finally below 200!  Currently 199. Welcome to “Onederland” for me!!  Haven’t posted my weight publicly at all except on Spark People, but I told myself I would once I got down to 199, so there ya go!  This is the lowest my weight has been since before I was pregnant for my oldest, 18 years ago.  It is also exactly what I weighed on my wedding day…for at least 3 days lol! And the #3 happy moment was the numbers I got back from my blood work this month.  And the numbers are…..

Total Cholesterol-135 (optimal below 200) Woot!!

Triglyceride-114  (normal is less than 150) Happiness!

HDL-42 (optimal is above 50, but mine was 24!) Exercising will continue to raise this, it’s a good start!

LDL-70 (optimal is less than 100!) yeah baby!!

And the results from my fasting blood glucose test….77!!  Super cool!  It used to be 109, borderline diabetic.  NO MORE!!  (as far as I’m concerned with my health…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!)

My iron levels were a bit low last time, but I started taking Vitamin C with my Iron to help with absorption and those numbers came up too.

My blood pressure is currently around 100 over  70!  A far cry from the typical 150 over 90 of the past 5 years!

Physical Therapy is finished after a month, unless I want more appointments, but I’m tired of going to extra appointments 3 times a week so I’m not for now. My shoulder is not back to 100%, but she gave me a good number of stretches, exercises and instruction for working my way slowly back up to be able to use the weight machines at the gym again.  It will be a slow work up, but if it keeps my shoulder in place where it belongs, and not popping and clicking and hurting, I’m more than willing to take my time to build back up to where I want to  be.  Word of advice for those of you who’ve had WLS….Don’t go gung-ho crazy with the weight machines or weight lifting in the beginning.  You lose so much weight so quickly, that your ligaments and muscles need time to adjust and become tighter around all of your major joints, to hold them in place.  Working out too much too fast can cause those joints to over extend…..thus the problem with my traveling shoulder!

As far as the abdominal hernias, the plan is for me to not do a lot of ab work for now, let the pain guide me so to speak.  I can do some on the ab machines, and again, just taking it slow.  My doctor is pretty confident that I will have reached a 100 pound loss by my 1 year appointment, and at that time they will schedule me for surgery to repair the hernias, AND the tummy tuck along with it!!  Happiness!! On both parts!  I want to be able to work out my abs, and to lose this hanging stomach…thank you Jesus!!  I am more than ready for “Hotel Mom” for the 5 children I have been pregnant with to be removed! lol!

Enough about all of that!  I’ve also started working outside of the home part time, and am loving it!! 20 hours a week at a bakery/cafe near my house.  A bakery??!  Yes!  There’s no way in the world I can pig out on all of that stuff even if I wanted to, so it’s completely safe for me! LOL!  I’m working in the front, taking orders, running the register, and being the coffee barista.  It has been a lot of fun to make all of those drinks.  I do bring some doughnuts home at the end of the night, but can only have a nibble here and there.  It’s not the sugar that causes me any problems at all, it’s the high fat from them being fried in oil.  My body does not like high fat at all!

It’s been difficult at times to make sure I’m getting enough to eat if I’m working a longer shift there.  I order a chicken breast Panini in the middle of my shift and just pick at it over an hour or so now to make sure there’s something in me for the long haul.  It’s also hard to be drinking water all the time when you are working all the time, but I do get sips in throughout my shift.  At least a 20 ounce Vitamin Water Zero.  It’s really not enough, but I make sure that I drink a lot before I go to work, and a lot when I get home.

My gym schedule has changed quite a bit with me working also.  I only go on my 3 days off now.  I usually get in a bike ride or walk on 2 of the other days also.  Not feeling guilty about it at all though.  I never stop moving at work! I am on the run the ENTIRE time! Especially with all of the closing work.  Goodness, after 3 days I came home and laid in my bed and cried and told Eric I’m just too old for this! lol!  I’m okay now that I’ve got the routine down, and now that I’m not going to the gym or on a 6 mile bike ride BEFORE work anymore.  It’s only for the summer, so I will survive.  I actually really enjoy working there.  I might even miss it when the summer is over.  But I was offered another job that starts in October, through the local Health Department, as a breastfeeding consultant to new moms!  That’s only 2 days a week while my kids are in school, lots more pay, and a 3 year contract to start out!  That is going to Rock!  There is just something so awesome about being offered a job solely on your experience as a MOM!



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Apparently I am Elastigirl!  Well, maybe not to the extreme of Mrs. Incredible, but hey, I am pretty incredible! lol!  Okay, I’ll be serious.  Don’t you see my serious face?  :/  So, here’s the scoop.  I started working out at the gym in February.  4-5 days a week, cardio every day, weight machines every other day.  It was awesome to see my strength and endurance increase in both cardio and strength training.  And I LOVE the stregth training!  I would simply endure the treadmill, bike, stepper, elliptical or whatever I was on, just to get to the weight machines.  Little by little though, lifting the weights seemed to be getting more and more difficult on my right shoulder.  I see a chiropractor and massage therapist regularly, so of course I had them trying to fix and figure out the problem for a good month before I decided to visit my doctor about it.  It felt like my shoulder was turned forward, and popping out of place often.  I would have my son put his hand on my shoulder blade and push while grabbing my shoulder and pulling to put it back where it needed to be, multiple times a day!

My doctor suggested I try lowering my weight and increasing the reps I was doing to see if that would help my shoulder settle down, and come back to see him in 6 weeks.  So, I did what he suggested, and even stopped using the weight machines completely for the past two weeks, since I was also dealing with abdominal hernias that were acting up with me going ape on the ab machines.  I know, I know….I just have to do everything 150%, right NOW.  *sigh*  I’m quite sure that PATIENCE is my word of the year!

Well, my shoulder is no longer in pain, but it still doesn’t feel like it’s in the right spot.  I had also been having a problem with my heal/ankle that my massage therapist solved for me.  She was pushing my foot up, quite a bit, and said most people would be coming off the table at the point she was at, and I wasn’t even feeling the stretch! She thought perhaps I had extremely flexible ligaments, and if I would stand on the stairs and drop my heal to stretch after I work out that it would alleviate my foot pain.  It worked! After telling my doctor that, he said he thinks its possible I have ligamentblahblahblah.  Yeah, can’t remember what he said. LOL! It means that my ligaments are like rubber bands instead of bungee chords.  The way to fix that?  Stay very toned. Um, that’s what I’m trying to do?!

So he sent me to physical therapy.  Thank you Jesus! She asked me to do a couple of things, and said yes, I have hypermobilitysomethingorother.  She gave me some stretches and exercises to do that FINALLY stretch all of the muscles and ligaments in my shoulder and surrounding area, and I am feeling so much better!  Since the PT center happens to be at the fitness center I work out at, she also took me out to the weight machines and showed me which machines I can work on right now, and which ones I cannot, and the way she wants me to use them.  It’s like having a personal trainer that my insurance covers! Bonus! She also gave me exercises to strengthen my back muscles to get my posture better,  and ones to strengthen my abs without bothering the hernias, which will all help my shoulder.  YAY!!

So, while I wasn’t feeling so incredible and was really bummed about having to cut back on so much of my workout, this Mrs. Incredible is back on task and hitting the machines!  Which of course, Mr. Incredible has kept up on all along, and I must say, he is looking mighty fine indeed!!  We sure are loving this new healthy life!


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