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Who I am!

Amazing, lean, healthy, energetic, capable, successful, motivated, caring, nurturing, nourishing. I am these things. And I am no longer going to lose these things to being “busy”. I WILL BE who I am to ME and not just to everyone else!! I’m choosing to give myself the gift of being authentically me to me.
There have been so many changes in my life this year, and my health/weight was able to float along for awhile during the changes, but if I don’t start being faithful to who I truly am….to myself….I’m not going to be happy with the results at all.
I AM going to get these last 50 pounds off! I am so able! I have been given such a gift with this surgery! With all of the mind-set changes that came with it! With the enormous boost of a 90 pound loss that I literally worked my tail off for!
Time to get out of neutral and move forward once again, before I end up going backwards. Yes, life is busy, and there have been changes….a new house, a new job, a different life than being a stay at home mom, all of my kids now in school, BUT…..I’m not putting myself once again at the bottom of a self-destructive list of caring for everyone else but me. Nope. Back up to the top with me. I can’t truly love anyone well unless I love me well. I will love my neighbor/husband/family/church/friends as myself…..so MYSELF better get some pretty good nourishing!!
This list I made…God reminded me that THIS IS WHO I AM, not WHAT I DO. So I will be faithful to me, faithful to God, and be who I am!! Details to come…. 🙂 P.S….just had my 2 year anniversary of Gastric Bypass!!



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