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For the Love of Summer!

Oh how I love thee summer!  Sunshine, beautiful beach, bike riding, long days….that is all lovely.  The most lovely of all……NO SOCKS!!!! No sock piles, no sock baskets, no “I NEED SOCKS MOM!!”, no sock matching!  Sandals…flip flops….oh how I adore you!



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Fresh and Clean!

Ahhh!  Fresh, clean, new blog.  It’s like a new fresh pair of socks.  🙂  My life has changed so much over the past few years.  God has re-defined and refined me, and it is finally time to open up the door in blog land again, enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and green trees, and through my writing,  let the field of dreams grow once again!

I have so much to share….one thought at a time.  Grab a cup of coffee, or some lovely Chai Tea…and join me on the Journey!

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