I ran!!

I did it!! I ran on the treadmill at the gym!  Well, okay, I jogged.  And to some it may have even looked like a trot! lol!  But I’m still excited!  I only did 1 mile, and did intervals of 1 minute walking and 1 minute jogging off and on, but darn it, I did it!!  I didn’t even feel like I was going to die when I was done, that’s a plus.  I NEVER though I would even remotely like running, ever.  Everything used to always hurt when I tried.  Nothing hurt!

I’ve been biking a lot on the bike trails and really enjoying that and plan on tackling the entire 20 mile trail this summer.  I’ve got myself up to 6 miles so far.  I could have gone further, but didn’t have the time, so I’m looking forward to that!   I’m not sure if I’ll turn running into any kind of hobby, after all, I have only done this once lol!  But….the self-challenge is ON!!  I love trying new and different exercises and finding out I can do them!

And FYI…the reason I decided to give it a try….the cardio room in the gym was EMPTY!  One old guy came in near the end, and I thought I’d stop running, not wanting anyone to see me give this a go, but I didn’t.  Kept right on going!  Go me!! lol!



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6 responses to “I ran!!

  1. goldeygrad97

    Yay!!! Running is completely out for me because of my knee, but I wish I could. I imagine I could get some serious agressions out!

    I need to get back on my bike. Too bad its 1,000 degrees out.

  2. 1000 degrees is exactly why I love the gym! lol! We have yet to see any serious heat here though. Been in the 50’s and 60’s mostly. Some days get warmer, but not too many in a row! The saying goes that there are two seasons in Northern Michigan…..Winter and 4th of July! 4th of July is coming!! lol!

  3. LOL I remember the first time I ran! It’s such a thrill isn’t it. I didn’t have to sling my boobs over my shoulders or hold them in place so they didn’t hit my knees as I ran 😉

  4. 40..definitely! lol!

  5. I can’t wait to run. I will cry. I can kind of run now, I seriously crank on the elliptical, but I’d like to start running regularly after I’ve lost some more weight. Worried about messing up my knees.

  6. schmazz…the running didn’t last long. I damaged the tendons/soft tissue on the TOP of my foot, of all places. Had a bump that I thought was a broken bone and hurt like one! My doctor told me I need to hold off on running. Apparently my joints are all slipping all over the place (hereditary thing, me=elastigirl) and I need to slowly build up muscles around all of my joints before I can run or be Arnold with the weights. Sure is teaching me patience. It’s been 2 steps forward 1 step back with the work outs. The motivation and drive is SO there, but I have to listen to my body. Blah! lol!

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