Intentions Smentions

I could post all of my intentions here, and maybe get around to them or not, or I can just post whatever I want to post when I decide to post it.  So, the latter it is! lol!  Sharing a link today for a purse I want to make.  Acutally, I’d like to make about 20 different purses, but I really should start with one since I’ve never done this before.  Sure do have a “sewing” bug lately.  I think I’m going to organize my crafty/office/extra tv/kidsthinktheyownit room today.  I know that once summer comes I never take the time for indoor sewing or crafting or artsy things, so I need to run with the bug now!  Have you sewn anything lately?  What kind of hobbies or projects do you like to do?

Sadly, my blogging has been so neglected that I can’t remember how to add a link.  Please excuse me while I re-educate myself. blah! LOL!

crafty awesome purse to make!

There! I did it! Enjoy!


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